Thursday, 12 May 2011

The rise of inland birding...

...the latest results just in are (upto April 30th):

1st: Yellowcraig LL (but rumour has it, too many points)
2nd: Hopton 106 pts
3rd: Ely 104 pts
4th: Aberlady 97 pts
5th: Girdlemess 87 pts (ish)

Suprise of the month is the perfomance of the Inland birder, suddenly the moaning has stopped (for now)!

Not much to report since the end of April, a week in Trondheim area kept me away from the patch but introduced me to the world of Beavers and Musk ox. On the bird front there was plenty of displaying Fieldfares, Redwings, W-T Eagles, Wheatears and nice views of Brambling and Mealy Redpoll.

My one and only trip to the patch in May was last night where I managed to add Cuckoo, Turtle Dove, House Martin and Swift all around the sewage works. This leaves me on 110 pts for now but 3-4 weeks working in the Falklands loom so I expect to be bottom of the league on my return!