Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A wee bit of spring

I have just lost the whole of my post due to my crappy computer and can't be bothered re-writing it all so here is a brief run down. I have just had a couple of unexpected days on the patch and added a few new species to the list, Chiffchaffs (everywhere), Reed Bunting (female at sewage works pond), Stock dove and Willow Warbler (Corton SW) on the 28th and Siskin (Corton SW), Swallow, Black Redstart (both Hopton) and Kittiwake (x2) & Great Crested Grebe both flying South out at sea. That leaves me on 74 species (87pts). Other highlights included a female Bullinch, tail-less LT Tit (Corton SW) and a mixed flock of 4 Oyc, 11 Turnstone, 1 Dunlin and a Purp Sand on a groyne near Corton. Kestrel, Lound Lakes Purple Sandpiper, Corton
Oystercatcher, Corton

Chiffchaff, Corton Sewage Works

Mallard, Corton Sewage Works

Saturday, 12 March 2011


At the start of March I headed off to Bergen, Norway for a weeks seabird surveying onboard the GO Sars. Unfortunately I spent most of the time out there in high seas and carried out very little surveying and saw even less seabirds of any interest. I did have the luxury of a whole day in Bergen at the end of the trip and on a tip off from FPS I headed for the venicular railway that is situated near the city centre and heads up to the the hills that over look Bergen. Not only does it give you stunning views of Bergen and the fjords but it was also pretty good for birding. Nothing rare but it gave me a chance to catch up with Northern Bullfinch, Mealy Redpoll and Willow Tit at close quarters. I was suprised at just how big the Bullfinches were. It made me realise that if you were to stumble across these in the UK it would be pretty obvious! One bad thing about Bergen, £9.50 a pint!!!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Inland birding is sh*t!!!

Having just got back from a week in Norway (more on that later) I have recieved the latest lists from everyone and after a promising start the inland site, Ely has performed as we all first predicted, terribly with only one new bird! Yellowcraig still leads the way by a considerable distance, even winning the faitr play award on the way as a Red-necked Grebe eluded his patch by a meagre 100m. Aberlady looms close behind though with a Little Gull the highlight of the month. It may appear that Girdleness is a birdless void but no, FPS was away all month watching very little in Norwegian waters. So the league table now looks like this after February:

1st: Yellowcraig 85pts
2nd: Aberlady 75pts
2nd: Hopton 75pts
4th: Ely 63pts
5th: Girdleness 59pts

My last visit to the patch was a bit of a wash out but I did manage to add a few seabirds, a couple Gannets flew north, a male & female Eider drifted offshore and there was a couple Teal mixed in with a Wigeon flock flying north. Three Curlew flying over Corton left my points total at the end of the month on 75.

Just outside the patch, Lound Lakes was considerably more quiet than my last visit as all the geese had upped and left leaving the usual mix of ducks and a lake tick in the form of a GC Grebe.