Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Long awaited update

Just a quick update after a hectic autumn, unfortunately not that hectic on the patch:

The league table after October is:

1st: Hopton: 159 pts (122 sp)
2nd: Aberlady: 150 pts (124 sp)
3rd: Girdleness: 145 pts (??? sp)
4th: Ely: 140 pts (113 sp)
5th: Yellowcraig: LL pts

Yellowcraig are supressing their points total, keeping Ely from the dramatic slide from first to last inside 2 months! Despite four of us living on the east coast the best find so far this autumn has been a Great Grey Shrike, pretty poor effort really!! But Novemebr does pull the big one in normally and with a Hume's just outside my patch at the moment who knows what will turn up!