Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mid-season slump!!

Its been a while since the last post, mainly due to the lack of birds aI delibrately forgot to put the end of June table on as I had added a mighty one point to my total for the whole of June. July has barely faired any better but a few seabirds and waders has pushed me onto a competitive score. Unfortunately, inland birding still leads the way thanks to a few stringy records!!

End of July League Table:

1st: Ely 134 pts (107 sp)
2nd: Hopton 131 pts (106 sp)
3rd: Aberlady 128 pts (108 sp)
4th: Girdleness 120 pts (?? sp)
5th: Yellowcraig 116 pts (98 sp)

Note that Yellowcraig figures are for end of June not July so he may well be sneaking ahead!

In the absence of any bird photos from the patch here some highlights from Julys mothing and a trip to Islay.
Pub Fox, Great Yarmouth
Sunset over Jura

Manxies, Islay

Bonxie, Islay

White Satin Moth

Small Angle Shades

Ruby Tiger

Privet Hawkmoth

Poplar Hawkmoth

Garden Tiger

Grey Dagger

G Eyed Hawkmoth

Dusky Sallow

Buff Arches


Bird's wing

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